Based in Salt Lake City, Utah, and happy to travel anywhereeverywhere with you.  Capturing elopements, music videos, weddings, commercials, or your Tuesday night.  

Let's create something fun and wild. 

or something calm and intimate.

or something adventurous.

or dark

or weird.

or emotional.

Let's tell a story. 

Or let's just hangout.


Born and raised in Utah, currently in Salt Lake City.  Filming videos full time, petting cats part time.  Espresso enthusiast.  Scorpio.  Plant mom.  Turquoise collector.  In love with the desert.  Trying to visit as much of the world as I can.  Passionate about art, filmmaking, and unnatural hair colors.  Probably eating microwave popcorn.  Let's be friends.     

Business: @sheyallenfilms

Personal: @shey_allen